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A moment vintage

A moment vintage

Let’s us introduce you a curated vintage shop — A Moment Vintage — and an interview of its founder — fashion-photographer and globetrotter Tatiana Kurnosova.

Tell us story of your vintage shop

I’ve been working in fashion industry for awhile and fashion has always been a part of my life. With your style, your outfits you can perfectly express yourself, show the real you (or the picture of you for the world to see), your mood, the energy… And I also travel a lot and enjoy going to flea markets and vintage stores around the world. Finding the “treasures” on flea markets is my hobby, I’d say.

I had an idea of opening my own store for a long time. Due to some reasons I’ve constantly been delaying it though. No time, different priorities and etc – I’ve been finding the excuses to put this idea away for awhile. Then I’ve just realized that I really want to do this and there’s no point in running away from it. I’ve chosen the name “A Moment Vintage” to celebrate the circular movement of fashion and have started putting everything together for the launching.

How do you define a difference between vintage and second hand clothes?

Second hand is something that’s been used by a person. It can be clothing, accessories or some object. Vintage is a word that specifically describes objects, clothing or anything that’s age is older than 20 years. Everything else can be described as contemporary pieces.

There are different types of vintage shops – some of the reminds second hands, some of them are being curated – like my shop. It means that the shop has some style, some idea behind it. For example, I love minimalism, monochrome colors (classic and pastel tones) as well as oversized clothing. These are the main features of A Moment Vintage.

How do you find the pieces for your shop? Do buy them online or offline?

Sometimes I do buy clothing online, but it’s more like an unexpected situation, because I prefer shopping offline, finding beautiful pieces on flea markets and in small vintage shops around the world.

Also I’ve recently started adding some interior pieces and various objects to our collection. For example, I’m completely in love with Japanese pottery, its texture is incredible and you can feel the love it was made with and that beauty when you touch it. You just can’t feel it on the picture, but when you see it, you know this is “your” piece, the one your shop needs.

Talking about fashion, I love the process of searching the garments suitable for my style, every time it’s a little adventure. I keep my attention to the quality of textile, the style and etc.

My favorite flea markets are the ones in Paris, Milan and Thailand. And I’m a huge fan of vintage shops of Tokyo and New York. I especially love vintage shopping in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY) and Shimokitazawa (Tokyo).

Actually, you can find good vintage pieces anywhere if you have some patience and passion.

I know beside being an owner of vintage shop, you are a photographer and work both in Europe and Asia. How did you start working worldwide?

Yes, fashion photography is my full time job and I’ve been in this business for about 10 years already. I used to live in Tokyo for some time and I feel in love with the country and its culture. It has really influenced my work and the way I see the world in general.

How did I start working worldwide? Well, there’s no special secret or any magic. I’ve just went to Milan to figure out how everything works. Of course, I’ve made many mistakes on my way, but it was a good experience. And I’ve started my work with shooting model tests for model agencies. And by the way, last year my book called “All you need to know about model test shoots” was released. This book is a collection of my knowledge and its goal is to help fashion photographers, fashion models and aspiring stylists in boosting their career. I’m very proud of this book and am extremely happy to know that it has helped someone, it’s amazing.

4 Angelika by Tatiana Kurnosova
A model Angelika wearing A Moment Vintage pieces by Tatiana Kurnosova

You have a YouTube channel, you’re an owner of vintage shop and fashion photographer. Tell us about your time management, how do you get everything done?

To tell the truth, my main secret is trying to do everything in advance, if possible. I mean if I can I will film several videos in a row, plan everything just in case I won’t be able to do it due to the deadlines of my shoots or any unexpected situation.

I always create a “to do list”, do some planning and write down the ideas. I’m trying to do everything step by step and not overworking. I used to work really hard without letting myself have a rest and relax and it once has led me into depression, so I’ve learned from my mistakes and now trying to keep the balance. You always need to have some free time to be more productive.

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