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Pierre Lescure is re-elected President of Cannes Film Festival

Pierre Lescure is re-elected President of Cannes Film Festival

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Pierre Lescure, who replaced on this post in 2015, Gilles Jacob, after his 36-year tenure, was unanimously re-elected for a new term until 2020. It means that the upcoming 70th anniversary festival will be held in May 2017 without any change in art direction.

Lescure, famous French journalist, producer, media entrepreneur and founder of the influential French TV channel Canal +, has been president of the American Film Festival in Deauville in 2002 and the Saint-Tropez Television Festival in 2005.

Furthermore, contrary to rumors, which spread in 2016, the general delegate of the Cannes Film Festival Thierry Fremaux remains at his post.  In 2017, he will continue to oversee the films for official selection. Fremaux is «art director» of Cannes. He is perhaps the most well-known representative of the festival movement in the world. We see him so often on the red carpet: he meets directors and actors during the Cannes premieres.

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Thierry Fremaux
Courtesy of Valery Hach, AFP


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