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“mother!” by Aronofsky: selfishness and sacrifice

“mother!” by Aronofsky: selfishness and sacrifice

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Darren Aronofsky presented his new film on the 5th September at Venice film festival. I have attended a press screening. The movie was firstly booed and after celebrated by the journalists.

As all the movies by Darren Aronofsky, mother! has a lot of levels of comprehension – metaphoric, biblical, symbolic… In his new film he tried to highlight the main human sins and virtues as a selfishness and sacrifice.

The cinematography is gorgeous. Aronofsky was determined to shoot the film exclusively from mother’s/muse’s point-of-view. Tender and charming Jennifer Lawrence is brilliant in the role of woman, wife, mother and muse.

дженнифер лоуренс Mother 1
Jennifer Lawrence in mother!
41121 Photocall Mother Jennifer Lawrence La Biennale di Venezia foto ASAC 8
Jennifer Lawrence at Venice film festival


40953 Photocall Mother Darren Aronofsky La Biennale di Venezia foto ASAC 7
Darren Aronofsky at Venice film festival

Release Date: 15 September 2017.

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