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HUMAN FLOW by Ai Weiwei

HUMAN FLOW by Ai Weiwei

37463 Human Flow director AI Weiwei Courtesy of Ai Weiwei Studio

One of the most famous contemporary artists Ai Weiwei presented his movie at Venice film festival. And we have been there. “Human flow” is an epic journey of the artist across 23 countries during 2 years.
37458 Human Flow 1 2017 Human Flow UG
Weiwei’s goal is “to share the daily lives of people fleeing turmoil in every corner of the planet”. After all more than 65 million people around the world who’ve been displaced by famine, climate change and war. The result of this cinematic experience is very intimate work and personal artist’s exploration of this crisis. Being famous for his political activism Ai Weiwei didn’t go deeply in the problem. In the Human Flow you don’t find analysis of the causes and the effects of the migrations. It is more than a documentary, it is an artwork. Must-watch in 2017.

Ai Weiwei says: “As an artist, I always believe in humanity and I see this crisis as my crisis. I see those people coming down to the boats as my family. They could be my children, could be my parents, could be my brothers. I don’t see myself as any different from them. We may speak totally different languages and have totally different belief systems but I understand them. Like me, they are also afraid of the cold and don’t like standing in the rain or being hungry. Like me, they need a sense of security.”

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