“Sunbeam” (2022) is a photographic series composed of portraits that include mysterious, whimsical and surreal elements, combined with classic aesthetics inspired by the photography of Horst P. Horst and his photographs of bathers.

Rodríguez recreates in his work a sophisticated and elegant world where primary colours (blue, yellow, red) burst with extremely loose brushstrokes, endowing each image with unusual energy.

It highlights the concept of beauty that the photographer has. For this reason, he intensely studied classical poses through Greek sculpture and traditional painting, imbuing them with an aura of mystery through a classical sense of composition and situation of the model.

Photographer: David Rodriguez

Model: Leticia Gonzalez

Wardrobe: vintage

Instagram credits: Photo: @davidofficialclub
Model: @leticiagonzalezconcepcion
Via @officialkavyar

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